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I'm going to do this...keep an eye out at the end of the day....

Totally copying redheadsarehot 

1. You must take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your WITL must be consecutive. No skipping days.
3. You must post your photographs at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken.
4. Each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation. (yeah I'm not including time)
5. You must post these rules at your first entry, then link back to it for the other six days so that people will know wtf you're doing.
6. Your post must say "A Week in the Life of [your name/username], Volume [whatever day you're on].
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30 Days of Harry Potter Meme and FUCK YOU LEAKY

Dear Leaky Cauldron,

This is why I don't go to your site. This is why I am so disillusioned with what used to be my favorite place on the web.

Emma Watson gets a facebook page, it's top news and deserves it's own post.

James, Oliver, and Rupert do a rally for charity...it's NOWHERE ON THE SITE.

Seriously, do I have to repeat my rant? You really only care about two of the actors on that site and it shows. Every time someone snaps a picture of them it's top news. Fuck, Rupert could be nominated for an Oscar and you wouldn't give a flying shit. I know it's hyperbole, but that's what it feels like for me.

No love,

Your former member

You'll see in the below cut I called it chapter 16. I've been posting too much fic here. It's actually question 16.
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30 Days of Harry Potter Meme

15. Whatever tickles your fancy

I have no idea what to write here, but since I'm so immersed in writing fanfiction at the moment, how about a preview?

Since nearly every fic I write is accompanied by a song, here's the music you can expect from anything that is yet to be published, I am writing, or have story-boarded:

1. "I and Love and You" by the Avett Brothers will be showing up for the Percy Big Bang.

2. "Best Laid Plans" by We The Living is my Dudley Redeemed fic, and it's very close to finished.

3. I can't tell you what the HP Emofest one is...because it'll give it away and that person is on my F-List.

4. The R/Hr Big Bang will consist of four songs, but I only have three of them figured out: "One Man Drinking Games" by Mayday Parade, "The Details in the Fabric" by Jason Mraz, and "Winter Song" by Sarah Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelsson. There's a chapter in there that I haven't found inspiration for yet.

5. I've also got Harry and Ron Big Bang to think about, and the Bottom Draco fest...but I haven't story boarded them yet, and so I don't have any songs.

6. I'm participating in another fest that hasn't given out assignments yet, but I can't say the name of it because some people on my F-List have problems with it.
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30 Days of Harry Potter Meme

14. Moments in the books/movies that made you cry.

There is only one book moment, and not upon first reading it. It took the second read through of Deathly Hallows for me to cry. I had enough time to sit, think about it, and picture it clearly in my mind. What I came up with was sad.

Malfoy Manor. Specifically when Harry is trying to get them loose and get them out, and Ron is LOSING HIS SHIT! It's the image of Ron banging against the cement walls, sobbing, yelling, losing all of his hope but desperate for event he most outlandish solution that really moved me. I felt a tear a bit in my eyes.

Please remember, I dont' cry.

That's it. Sorry to disappoint you guys.

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30 Days of Harry Potter Meme

13. Least favorite character(s)

Okay, of course everyone hates the villains. We're supposed to. Umbridge, Volypants, the Lestranges, The Carrows...occasionally a Malfoy or two...

So I don't feel like I need to answer those. We all hate them for the most part.

Who do I hate that isn't necessarily villainous?


Yeah, he's a brave and intelligent man who did some amazing things. He had a key role to play in defeating Voldemort and his loyalty to Dumbledore was touching.

But what kind of cowardly, arrogant asshole do you have to be to bully a small boy who never did anything to you just because you hated his dad and wanted to bone his mother? That's immature, and it's just wrong for someone like Snape. It makes me hate him. He treated children with such disdain and had no reason to do so. None. Think about poor fucking Neville! What in the world did he ever do to you, Snape?!?!

Holding such childish grudges, and then doing amazing and brave things almost soley for your love for a woman does not a good man make. I find Snape to be a despicable human.


This answer is inspired by a discussion with a friend very recently.

What kind of woman, what kind of MOTHER neglects and abuses a young boy...nay even a baby....in the way this woman did to Harry? When I was watching the first film again, and I saw that little baby Harry all bundled up and innocent, I got really upset. i know I'm softer after having my own baby, but that just got to me. Here was a child that did nothing, and he is about to be treated like the lowest of the low for the next 11 years of his life because his aunt was jealous of her older sister. SERIOUSLY?

She's a horrible person for doing what she did, and nothing can redeem the sort of damage she inflicted on a growing and developing boy's psyche and in some cases even his physical growth.
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30 Days of Harry Potter Meme

11. Character You're Crushing On

Well that one is a bit of a hard one...

If we were going on type alone, it would be Ron. He's tall, he's ginger, he is fiery, he is very emotional. I would love to get in a fight with him. And then make up with his skinny ass! He's so protective and warm...ugh. He's like a modern, young version of Jamie Fraser. I just love him.


If I found myself in that world, if at 11 I got my letter, or even if I was thrown in there now...I don't think I would go for Ron. Even without Hermione, he would still feel like he didn't belong to me. Ron and Jamie Fraser are like the unattainable dreams...and even my subconscious would feel like he needed some bushy haired brunette with him. And I likely wouldn't be approaching him.

I would have fallen for Percy the moment he waltzed into Hogwarts with his shining prefect badge, classes, ginger hair, and attitude. SO POMPOUS! I would just argue with him, study with him, and then snog him senseless. He simmers. He is constantly trying to downplay that fire inside of him, but whether he's wading into a lake to get to his brother, or rushing after a murderer in the final battle, he's the guy for me!

I could find myself having an affair with Dean too....although he'd be too calm for me in the long run.

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30 Days of Harry Potter Meme

Day 10: What are your favorite book moments?

Oh man! This is so hard...I know what my favorite is, but in the grand tradition of Sam N' Amber, I'm going to give you a top five:

5. The formation of the DA at the Hog's Head. It was so 'full circle' for me. If you think about how Dumbledore said 'help will always come to those who are loyal to me' and then everyone bands behind Harry expressing their loyalty not only for their school and DD, but for Harry as well.

4. Fleur's speech at the end of HBP. I'm sorry, but that was beautiful, and such a testament to real love that I immediately fell in love with her character. Not to mention it was funny! "I am beautiful enough for zee both of us!"

3. Metting Hagrid. He represents everything wonderful about Harry's new life, and from that point on in the series, he was home for Harry in more ways that almost anyone else.

2. Malfoy Manor! From start to finish I was on the edge of my seat. That scene represented the collective greatness of so many characters, and really nailed home the gravity of Ron's love for Hermione.

"You can have me, keep me!" will always give me chills. That level of love and devotion is astounding, but not surprising when considering how Ron loves and approaches everything in life.

When he was screaming for her, I was crying.

Also, Hermione was SO FUCKING BRAVE AND CLEVER! I dont' care about all the scenes of ubiquitous knowledge throughout the series, this is where her mind shines. To think of what she did under the duress of torture shows exactly who she is.

Luna is a perfect bit of levity.

Dobby is incredible.

And Harry is such a hero! He acts in such desperation but with so much bravery...I heart him.

I can even give some props to Draco for trying, despite how obviously afraid he was.

1. The Silver Doe (duh)

Ron returns! He saves Harry! He destroys all his pain and uncertainty. He is the true Gryffindor, and weilds the sword like a true Gryffindor would! Harry and Ron prove how deep their own love (however you want to look at it) goes. That scene where they embrace is so heartwarming.

The mystery of that patronus is flooring, especially when we find out who did it.

And of course I love Hermione's gut-wrenching reaction to Ron coming back.
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Well, I got the Liberty Mutual job, and it starts on August 30th...

but it's quite high paying indeed.

The downside is the healthcare would be like 240.00 per month.

I accepted the job anyway.

But if Gonzaga makes and offer and they have more affordable healthcare, I'll be taking that job instead.